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“Two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable.”

That is what the TWI Deployment Model delivers, Synergy; the interaction of the ‘J’ programs, onsite coaching, mentoring along with development of a Competitive Early Warning (CEW) system provides a total business space solution. Focusing externally and internally concurrently, driving improvements in inputs, ensuring exceptional leadership, substantive training, and personal, organizational and process discipline at all levels driving down cost, and increasing your competitive advantage.

CEW provides not only the ability to look introspectively at your organizations strengths and weaknesses but also the competitive external business space. This is accomplished by identifying the threats of new entrants, threats of substitute products, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyer’s, rivalry of existing competitors. While developing strategies to defend against them. The development of a CEW process is critical to your business; we can help with certified intelligence instructors working with you to develop the skills and processes necessary insuring you against surprises in your business space.


“Counseling is the process used by leaders to review with a subordinate that subordinates demonstrated performance and potential”

Although not part of the original TWI program, counseling is an essential part of the Deployment Model. The ability to clearly communicate expectations, correct poor performance, and re-enforce positive behaviors is critical to the success of any organization. Yours included. Utilizing the learn by doing method proven by the original “J” programs TWI Training Solutions Counseling provides leaders with the opportunity to “earn” the skills necessary to communicate expectations in a manner that drives superior performance.

“The purpose of counseling is for one person to help another”


Q:  What is the difference between skill based and academic based training?
A:  A skill is something that is gained through repetition and practice, it must be earned.  No one can “give” you a skill. Academic based training comes from a book. 

Q:  What do I do if there is no time to train people properly?
A:  Poor training or no training will result in the things we can’t afford to produce (scrap, rework, rejects).  With proper intensive instruction, we will save time and money in the long run.

Q:  Do I consider a person trained if they can do the job but not quite meet the standard?
A:  No.  An employee that is considered to be trained should be able to meet the standard.  Through Job Instruction, a person is not considered “proficient” unless the standard can be met and follow up is complete.

Q:  Should my goal be to have a completely crossed trained team within my department?
A:  While that may be your end goal, that is not the first priority.  The first objective should be to have all workers meeting the standard on current assigned jobs.  Next, we want to address all constraints or areas of vulnerability within the department.

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